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Let’s admit it, as the one place that visitors usually don’t get to see, the master bedroom is the place in our homes that receive the least amount of love. Our busy lives and chaotic living styles usually ensures that we have minimum time to spend on cleaning and arranging. And since the bedroom doesn’t get visitors, we tend to prioritize other parts of our homes. As a result, the clutter and the mess only piles on, inevitably costing us time and energy when we finally take time to clean it up.

Here’s our experts’ tips on creating a daily routine quick clean up, to ensure that you won’t need to spend hours the next time you decide to deep clean your room.

Start with the decluttering

Trust us when we say that once you’re done with this very first step, you’d feel like half your cleaning is done! To declutter, gather all the “displaced” items in your room and put it on your bed. One by one, replace it to the place it belongs to. Try to assign a specific place for each item; this help you to not only declutter your room, but also helps you during your rushed mornings, as you don’t have to hunt your things out.

Time to use that micro fiber cloth

We know that you don’t have time to do a full dusting every night or morning. But dust, lint and hair tends to make the room appear dirty, even when it isn’t. And a week is far too long to let it gather. This is especially a problem in some Headboard Dubai. So, bring out your micro fiber cloth and run it over the surfaces you just decluttered and the other dust gatherers. Though mirrors look best once you’ve cleaned them with glass cleaner, you can still swipe at them once a day to reduce build up.

Work on the bed next

Your bed plays a large part on making your room appear cluttered, even when it’s not. Take a few minutes every morning to straighten out the bed sheets and put the pillows in Dubai back into place. Trust us, a made-up bed is a much more welcoming sight to tired eyes than an untidy one. As for the daily clean up, simply dust the bed using a sheet, or strip it and dust it. Once a week, swap that stripped sheet for a fresh one; keeping it dust free always.

And for the last step, simply sweep your room, or if carpeted, lightly vacuum the room, picking up all that displaced and loosened dust.