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You may have always known what you wanted to be as an adult and in which direction you wanted to go but your gap year could teach you that you are someone entirely different and that you want to be someone else. The reason that you may have thought the way you did is because of the brainwashing of society whispering in your year, asking you to be a doctor, a lawyer, a professor but maybe what you truly are is an activist or an artist. If you have just finished high school, you should consider taking a year off from the rat race and from societal norms to do something that you love.

Take a gap year

There are many amazing benefits to taking a gap year away from the world that you currently know. You can use your gap year to prepare for college by taking IELTS preparation in Dubai courses to prepare for your exams but you can also use the year to discover yourself and who you really are. Most of us are robots and slaves to society and even our thinking patterns are greatly influenced by what we are supposed to think. If you want to be a doctor, it could be that you only want to be a doctor because everyone around you has been glorifying being a doctor for so long that you might be brainwashed in to thinking this is what you are truly meant to be. Your gap year might help you to realize that you are a natural born photographer or an artist instead.

While you are looking for colleges, make sure that you choose a few different colleges offering different subjects so that you have a choice. You might also be required to take GMAT courses to qualify for some of these colleges.

Live your life to its fullest

This might be the only time in your life where you will be able to truly live your life to the fullest because once you finish your gap year and you start living real life, you might find yourself tied down by bills to pay and needing money to survive. Therefore, during your gap year make an effort to learn a new language, to learn a new skill, to explore your passions and to challenge yourself to do better and be a better person. The great thing is, you might even be able to find a way to earn some extra money while you are on your gap year if you are creative enough.