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Once in a while, life has a way of being really nasty to us. We might lose someone we love or have a to deal with something as taxing emotionally; while still trying to maintain some sort of normalcy. Days like these can be hard; for the one who’s going through it, and for their loved ones who have to watch them suffering. Making a special gesture to make them feel better often crosses our minds in situations like this. Here are a few of our suggestions as to how you can do so…

Take over the breakfast duty

If they habitually make your breakfast, you simply waking up earlier to make their breakfast for them can feel special. But if you are used to making their breakfast, opt to carry it to them and serve breakfast in bed. There’s something really special about a breakfast that is served in bed by your loved ones; especially if it’s accompanied by pretty flowers Dubai!

Take it a step further

Not so good with your kitchen skills? Or is it that you don’t live with your loved ones to make this gesture happen naturally? In either case, don’t despair. Even if you can’t arrange for breakfast to be served (unless someone living with them is willing to help out), you can still gift them with the beauty of a flower. Look for a flower delivery service around their locality, and arranged it to be delivered in a particular time. Before they leave for work or while they’re at work will be perfect…

Be a little creative

If you have the time, record a little message (something loving and encouraging or something fun that will distract them from their worries) and save it in their phone. Set an alarm on their phone asking them to check the recording. And then simply wait for their reaction. Trust us, if you play it right, they’ll be looking forwards to meeting you; which means they’ll be distracted from what troubles them until then.

Warm and scented

Never underestimate the power of a warm bath. If they’ve just had a long and tiring day, your loved one will definitely enjoy a warm bath ready and waiting for them. Take it a step up by adding relaxing oils, or burning up a few candles that help them relax. Offer to give them a massage or simply hold them while they’re at it. The warm water will relax them, and so will your gentle care.

Food is the cure

This rings true for almost anyone. If your loved one has a particular desert that they enjoy, pick it up on your way home. You can keep it aside if you plan on pampering them (like we suggested above), or have it once you’re done with your meals. Ideally, you should use it as a surprise late night treat for them. It’ll help to keep a smile on their face and heart as they slip into sleep…