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You never realize the length of a “few years” until you have to face change—Truly. Then ,those “few years” can either fly by; leaving you gasping at its speed; or crawl so slowly, you’d want to scream. This is especially true if you, or your loved ones have to settle overseas for a few years.
Job opportunities, openings and promotions are often welcomed things. And if it’s an opportunity that sends you abroad, temporarily, then what’s not to like? And if they are willing to send your family with you…? Then things get both better and worse. Better because you are together with your family; and worse because it means uprooting your children (even for a few years), and asking them to settle in a brand-new place. Here are a few tips on helping you select the perfect temporary school for your child; for the duration of your stay overseas.
The distance from home; the time they spend on the roads
Even enrolling them to the best private schools your new country has to offer will not keep them happy, if they have to travel for hours to and from it. Not only does this mean they have to wake up earlier than they had to back home, it also means they don’t arrive at school feeling as energized as they should. Unfortunately, this could have an unswerving effect on their education performances as well.
A school with an English background
Most young children learn new languages fast enough. But the older they get, they find it harder to learn new languages. By making sure that your child’s new school has an English background (like that of a private international English school), you’re making it easier for them to settle into their new school. This is also the best way to ensure that your child speaks English fluently for younger children.
The curriculum of the school
In the case that your child has to rejoin their old school once you return home, it’s important that you keep up with their old school’s curriculum and standards. When touring the school, remember to ask the teachers about the syllabus and the textbooks used. It’s also a great idea to find out about the examination systems.
And then, the rest
Apart from this, there’s just a few things to keep in mind. Try to take your child along with you when touring schools and finalizing. After all, it’s them who will be studying there. With younger kids, it’s important that you check on the teachers. Not only that they are qualified and speak fluent English (so your child would be understood), but also that they are enthusiastic about children, and teaching. This matters a great deal to children; especially those facing huge changes.