Different Ways To Clear A Stain

You’re enjoying a bit of wine, laugh a little too hard at a joke and before you know it, you’ve spilt a bit of wine on your best evening gown. Or you’re experimenting on the chocolate fountain and the excitement of witnessing melted chocolate causes you to spill it all over your new pants! Sometimes, avoiding stains are near impossible and they happen when you least expect it. In most situations, this can be avoided by slipping your scarf over it or buttoning your suit again, other times, you’ll have to seek some other manner of getting rid of it.

Wash it off as soon as possible

The first and most obvious thing to do is rush to the nearest water source you can find and wash the stain away! This will help the stain from spreading and may even get rid of it, or fade it just a bit so that people don’t notice. Be gentle however, when washing the stain off, as being too rough might damage the fabric or even worse, make the dress look old and faded!

The type of stain

The type of stain greatly matters. Whether it’s oil, chocolate or curry, the solution to get rid of it varies greatly from one another. Once you get home, give it out to laundry service and you’ll have to hope and pray that the stain goes away.

Home remedies

If you’ve no time to get to professional help, you’ll have to resort to doing some research on the best way to get rid of a stain. If it’s before an occasion and you’ve nothing else to wear, there may be several home remedies online to help you with the getting rid of the stain. You should opt for the option which is fast as you won’t have time to stick around until the dress dries off completely.


If none of the above have seemed to work, it’s time to give your stained piece of clothing to the dry cleaners you can find. They are bound to find a solution to either get rid of, or even fade the stain. They have professional tools and equipment to deal with these sort of matters, so seeking their help is the next best thing to do!

These are a few ways to help you get rid of the unsightly stain that’s on your favorite white shirt or pink blouse. If none of these work, you’ll have to resort to covering the stain up by accessorizing!