Pet Shipping Tips To Ensure The Safe Transportation Of Pets

It is always advised to keep your pets at home when possible, especially when it comes to pets like cats and such. But there always some cases where there is no option but to bring your dog, cat or other animal with you. Bringing your pet to another country requires a lot of paperwork, tests and lengthy procedures and the added fact that your beloved pet might not be really comfortable with traveling. This is the main reason that it is recommended that pets are kept at home instead of moving them a lot.

If your pet is below a certain size, most airlines will allow you to let the pet accompany you in the cabin of the aero plane. If the pet you have bigger or heavier than the allowed size and weight, then the only option left is to travel in the cargo hold. There are many international moving companies and relocation companies that can handle the entire task of picking up your pet and handling the paperwork. But it is still good to know the procedures and how the process works so you can stay alert and know how to respond to any unexpected problems. The first thing to follow is to get your pet to a veterinarian before the scheduled flight. The vet would have some advice on how to calm down your pet and keep him comfortable and stress free throughout the whole journey.

If possible try to arrange a flight that has a non-stop flight to the destination you want to be at. Transferring your pet at multiple points is likely to stress him out even further. Also check with your airlines if you can travel in the same flight as the pet as it will be easier for you to check up on the pet for take-off and after landing. It is also important that you heed the weather conditions and temperature changes around the time you plan to move your pet. The exposure to extreme temperatures during the storing, loading and the unloading can have adverse effects to your pets. There are certain regulations that govern the use of dog crates and other pet crates. Research about this and look for a pet crate that gives the necessary ventilation, has a bottom that is waterproof, a door that is protected by a spring lock and with disabled wheels. The size of the crate also should be large enough for your pet to stand straight up straight without a hindrance. It is of utmost importance that your pet has enough space and is comfortable for the whole journey.