Starting A Small Business Of Your Own

If you are looking for a way to earn a little extra money outside of your full time job but you cannot figure out where to start, you could start by making a list of everything that you can do and working from there. If you are a great baker and baking is your hobby, you could consider making a few baked products and selling them every day before you go to work. If you love crafts, you can choose to sell your handmade products online on your social media pages and on the internet.

Make contacts

The first thing you will need to do is to find out the names and contact details of all the purchasing officers at your local grocery store as well as speak to friends and family about buying your products from you and helping you to market them online.

If you bake cakes or cookies, you can have them at the various supermarkets in Dubai on sale to help you to sell them while you g o out to work so that you earn money while not losing out on your regular and fixed income until your new business is steady and has a regular flow of money.

Most shops will sell your products and keep a small margin of the money for themselves and this is something that you will need to consider with your pricing. If you would like to sell a cupcake or a cake at one dollar, make sure that you sell it at two dollars so that you make allowance for the money that you will need to give the supermarket and for transportation or any other extra expenses that may come up along the way. You can also help to boost sales by using social media to advertise your products, post it in groups and share it among your friends and other contacts to let them know that the product is available at the said supermarket for the price stated. This will ensure that the food you give to the supermarket does not go waste. Start with a small amount at the beginning and then increase the amount along the way as you start to notice that the demand is going up. You might even be able to have discounts and offers for pre orders that you can take with you to office in the morning for people to pick up. This way, you can offer the product at half price if they pick up from the office on certain days to increase your reviews and word of mouth.