Treating Your Knee Pain At Home

Mild to average knee pain can often be treated successfully at home. Either due to a muscle pain or arthritis, there are few ways to mitigate knee pain. However, before trying out any home remedies, it is recommended to get medical advice for moderate to acute knee pain caused by an injury. Certain types of knee injuries necessitate surgical and other medical interventions. However, if the pain is due to a minor injury or arthritis, these are few home remedies you could try.

Treating pain caused by an injury

If you got a twisted leg, pain from a fall or sprained your knee, first aid comes in handy. The ideal way of treating strains and sprains is through “RICE”. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Rest your feet and apply ice or a cold compress to the knee, to prevent swelling, wrap a compression bandage. Make sure to keep your foot elevated when resting. Treating a knee injury usually requires expert attention, and more than one visit to a Dubai physiotherapy and rehabilitation center. Treating knee injuries depend on the type and the seriousness of the injury. Although in certain cases such as dislocation, fracture or an ACL damage a surgery would be necessary to correct the damage, many knee injuries improve with home remedies and rest.

Treating pain caused by arthritis

Osteoarthritis is identified as the most common cause of mild to average knee pain that’s not caused by an injury. As we grow old, the cartilages between our joints deteriorate. With limited lubrication and cushioning, joints experience direct bone to bone contacts, which leads to inflammation and pain.

While there is no way to avoid damage caused by arthritis, in acute conditions, doctors could recommend joint replacement. It is advisable to get an expert opinion from a chiropractic therapist to manage acute knee pain and soreness caused by arthritis. For majority who suffers from mild knee pain, home remedy options to explore are many.

Home remedies

If your pain is due to a mild injury, you can treat them at home as compared to treatments from a doctor or over the counter painkillers. The most familiar home remedy to manage pain is to use an ice pack to ease inflammation and manage swelling. Similar to cold compress, applying heat also helps in reducing knee pain. If the pain is due to an old injury that is likely to have remerged, apply moderately heated mustard oil or sesame oil with a pinch of turmeric on the tensed area.